Options Support

Key stage 4

The annual options process can be time-consuming and complex. Education Time has experience of running the entire options experience including:

  • Advice on timing of the options within the school year
  • Curriculum planning to include the widest offer possible whilst meeting the student entitlement
  • Running the options process either via the blocking system or free choice
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving the outcome

Sixth form

The Sixth Form offer needs to be clear and attractive. We will work with the Sixth Form team to advise on:

  • The formulation of the offer
  • The practical implications

Education Time recommend Keith Johnson's Options Software

College link courses

Education Time is willing to deal with local institutions and include their offer into the Key Stage 4 options process and/or the Sixth Form offer. 

Integrated curriculum

The Integrated Curriculum is becoming more popular with schools recognising the benefits of a more creative approach to Key Stage 3 delivery. Education Time will work with you to consider the options available. Specifically to:

  • Decide whether an Integrated Curriculum would aid the transition in Year 7 or run in other years
  • Consider whether to trial the Integrated Curriculum with a specific cohort of students
  • Examine the extent of an Integrated Curriculum and which subjects would participate
  • Investigate the feasibility of a condensed Key Stage 3 curriculum and the various models available

Please ring and ask for Rob Cooper or Paul Cuff on:

Tel: 0208 242 4715
Email: info@education-time.co.uk

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