Curriculum Planning

At Education Time we recognise the importance of getting the fundamentals right. The structure of the working week has a direct impact on standards and on learning. And there is no right answer.

Each school/college has to find the right combination of learning opportunities to meet the needs of their students. That is the challenge. Experience has shown that a fresh pair of eyes could well spot solutions that have eluded those who are more intimately involved. That's where we come in. 

Education Time will:

  • Suggest alternative approaches to the day/week structures
  • Analyse the subject offer and time allocations
  • Produce a forensic analysis with interpretations
  • Accommodate, if required, an integrated curriculum
  • Incorporate off-site learning opportunities and minimise their impact on students' progress

The aim is to arrive at a curriculum plan that:

  • Meets the school/academy/college brief
  • Reflects teachers' skills
  • Provides students with learning pathways
  • Leads to rapid learning and progress
  • Results in success

An integral part of this process are the options at KS4 and KS5 … which leads seamlessly into the next section!

Subjects on offer:

We believe that there are five main factors that influence subject offer in schools;

  1. The ethos/values of the school reflected in the broader curriculum offer, subjects delivered and pastoral care/support
  2. The skills set that teachers have to deliver the breadth of subjects on offer
  3. The demand from students and how the demand has been created
  4. The resources available either on or off-site
  5. The local offer which is normally dictated by:
  • Employment opportunities
  • Specialist schools
  • Collaborative arrangements

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