The Challenge Session

This is exactly what it claims to be. You provide:

  • Latest progress and attainment data
  • School development plan/post Ofsted action plan
  • GCSE results analysis
  • Latest digital version of the timetable
  • Plus anything else that you feel is relevant

The format for the Session is as follows:

  • We meet with the Leadership team for 1 – 2 hours
  • We challenge current thinking and approaches to learning and progress
  • We create alternatives through discussion/debate
  • But above all we raise questions that make the team think
  • The outcomes vary by school/academy but they are always directly measurable and contribute to raising standards

If the leadership team do not feel that the Challenge Session has been worthwhile there is no charge - to date we've always been paid!

Challenge Session Feedback

At the end of each Challenge Session we ask for formal feedback to help us refine the service. See below some of the feedback received from the last eight Challenge Sessions: 

'Awkward at times but well worth it'

'Thank you guys, made us rethink our curriculum strategy'

'2 hours to discuss and debate curriculum alone would be useful'

'made me think about progress issues and the need to develop our culture of high expectations'

'consideration of timetabling/grouping arrangements and size of KS4 curriculum'

'teaching and learning around graded lessons'

'I found it very interesting from the point of view of a non-teacher on SLT. Helped to clarify aspects of how the Collegiate is performing and how we currently stand'

'our use of data and how we need to be smarter in our use of this and use more sources of data in order to effectively target specific students for intervention'

'the data questions which exposed the areas of weakness and understanding of how we arrive at our targets'

'information about target setting. I have not been involved in this and was embarrassed by how little I knew, and how much I have just accepted information given to me by others'

'I was shocked at how far from the mark we seem to be. Interesting and exciting ideas floated - really very useful session, thanks'

'The mentor booklet - far better than the one in use at the moment'

'Extend to staff of failing departments to give an overview'

'Open up to a greater cross section of staff to be challenged - opportunity to give the hard message'

'An inspirational approach to school improvement'

...and finally (this really was on a feedback form!)

'Even criticised my tie'

Please ring and ask for Rob Cooper or Paul Cuff on:

Tel: 0208 242 4715

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