Our International Links

We are a UK business and have worked with English schools since our formation. We are London based but work with schools in Tyne and Wear, Lancashire, Herefordshire, The Midlands, Greater Manchester, North and South Yorkshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Essex, Merseyside and a number in north, central and south London.

Since 2018 we have worked with or are currently working with international schools or schools in overseas territories:

  • Cayman Islands: after a worldwide search, KPMG selected Education Time to work with the Cayman Islands Government on a rebuild for a new secondary school. In consultation with architects, the Headteacher and government officials we created a strategic plan that resulted in savings of US$3.4 million. We then translated the plan into a fully staffed and workable timetable as evidence that the plan (and savings) were viable
  • Munich: for two years we have worked with this international school to produce a complex timetable against a very tight timing schedule. It is an all through IB school and has demanding requirements that, we are pleased to report, we are able to meet
  • Hong Kong: another IB school with different challenges. This is on 4 sites and has the complexity of staff travel between sites
  • Adelaide: The curriculum planning and modelling for a school requiring a new and innovative approach to timetabling. The outcome of our work was presented at a Headteachers’ conference in the Autumn of 2020
  • Japan: Another all through IB school that we started working with in 2020 and have plans for an extended working relationship
  • Abu Dhabi: an on-going project that is confidential having signed a NDA

It was not our intention to expand internationally but we have enjoyed the experiences and a glance at our testimonials will provide an insight into the success of these ventures

Please ring and ask for Rob Cooper or Paul Cuff on:

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