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Our core business is secondary school timetabling but our experience extends well beyond that. The bottom line is that we work with schools to raise standards and have been doing that for over 25 years. Education Time believe that incisive curriculum planning and timetabling is the basis for rapid learning and progress. We pride ourselves in cost-effective curriculum development and innovative timetabling solutions. Cost is a key factor and we will always provide schools with a forensic analysis to identify efficient allocation of resources and potential savings or where investment is needed.

Timetable planning and curriculum design

Education Time works with schools and colleges to plan and design the curriculum that meets their needs. We begin by building an understanding of the exact requirements so that the basic approach to the timetable has the agreement of all parties. The curriculum design will result from a detailed discussion of the aims, the resources and the priorities that the school or college have set. From this we will develop a curriculum plan that best meets these needs.

Creating the timetable, scheduling

Once we have agreement on the curriculum design we will then start the scheduling process. This is an exciting and challenging phase that generally throws up a number of issues that need to be resolved. We will therefore be in close contact to reach agreement on the finer details of scheduling. We will agree a completion date and stick to it. There will be the opportunity to reschedule parts of the timetable in the event of personnel changes or other factors.

Rewriting an existing timetable

Sometimes it is necessary to rewrite part of a timetable which is a challenge that we enjoy. The key is to decide precisely what needs to stay in place and where the flexibility exists. At Education Time we have found that this challenge normally presents itself during the course of the year as resources or personnel change.

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